Discover Our Services

Each of our weekly services is unique and has something special to offer.  

Below is some information to help you learn more about each one.

Sunday School - 10:00 AM

Sunday School classes are available for all ages from children to adults.  A nursery is available for those too young to attend Sunday School or Church.

Sunday School takes place right before the Sunday Morning Service.  The younger children are taught the great stories of the Bible using such teaching aids as the colorful Betty Lukens Flannelgraph, as seen in the pictures to the side.  They also learn exciting missionary stories and sing lively children's Sunday School songs.

Appropriately themed classes are available for older children as well.  Our young men and young ladies have learned valuable wisdom from the book of Proverbs, and other Scriptures as well.

Adult Sunday School meets in the auditorium for the Pastor's class.  Currently we are studying the book of Psalms verse by verse.  This book is filled with things that are practical, doctrinal, and prophetical.  Come join us and get to know the Bible better.

Sunday Morning - 11:00 AM

The Sunday Morning service is our most popular service.  If you are new to church, this is a great service for you.  

The service begins with a spirited congregational song service.  And in case you were wondering, we still use hymnals!  Each Sunday morning we also have a "special" song by an individual or group from our church.

After the song service comes the preaching.  The apostle Paul charged the young pastor, Timothy, to "Preach the word..."  The world is dying for a lack of preaching!  God uses preaching both to save lost souls, and to edify & build up the saints.

Following the message, we have an invitation where people have the opportunity to come forward and pray at an old-fashioned altar.  Some like to do this, others like to pray at their seats as the invitation music plays.  Either way, the invitation provides you an opportunity to immediately respond to anything the Lord may have spoken to your heart about during the message.  This is an important time, and God has used the invitation in many a person's life to draw that individual closer to Himself, and to His perfect will in that person's life.

Sunday Evening - 6:30

Our Sunday Evening Service is not a rerun of our morning service.  The message that is preached is different from the morning message.  The Sunday Night Service used to be a staple in churches all over the world.  Today it is slowly working its way toward extinction...  But not at FBBC Lockport!  

The Sunday Evening service is an enjoyable service which many Christians find to be an essential part of their spiritual growth and sustenance.  It tends to be less formal than the Sunday Morning Service, and it is a special time of fellowship for those who attend.  

Psalm 134:1 Behold, bless ye the LORD, all ye servants of the LORD, which by night stand in the house of the LORD.

Wednesday Night - 7:00 PM

Our Wednesday Night Service is divided into two parts. It begins with Prayer Meeting, and is followed by Bible Study. 

Prayer Meeting - We begin at 7 PM with some congregational singing.  After this we take prayer requests from those who have things they would like us to pray about.  There are also several lists of things that we pray for each week.  These include Missionaries, other churches and Pastors, our government leaders, our church members, and many more.  Those who attend may take one or more of those lists to pray over during prayer time.  After all the requests are received we have prayer time.  At this time, people will pray by themselves, or with family, or friends.  After prayer time is over, we then commence with Bible Study...

Bible Study - This part of our service begins about  7:45 with another congregational song or two, followed by our Bible Study.  We are currently studying the book of I Thessalonians verse by verse.  Prior to that we went through the book of Ecclesiastes.  Some of our other Wed. Night studies, over the past few years or so, have included Joseph of the Old Testament as a Type of Christ, as well as the books of I & II Timothy, and the book of Galatians.  Wed. Night Bible Study ends around 8:30.

Come and join us on Wednesday nights and get a good mid-week spiritual boost to help get you through the week!