Recommended Links

Below are links to some websites that will aid you in your spiritual growth.  Enjoy!

Click on the title, picture, or logo to go that website. 

  • This podcast features over 150 studies & messages on a variety of Bible subjects from the doctrinal to the practical to the controversial.  Join host Eric Sutton, along with Pastor Scott Strobel, Pastor Steve Baer, Missionary Matt Sutton, and a variety of guest speakers as they explore what is actually in the Bible.  New podcasts typically drop every other Thursday.

  • Dr. Sam Gipp is an Evangelist as well as President of the Treasure Valley Baptist Bible Institute.  His preaching & teaching is sound & edifying.  He loves the Lord & is an able defender of the King James Bible.  While you are there be sure to click on the Playlists tab where you will find the dramatized video series on What's the Big Deal About the KJV, along with some animated videos of tracts from Chick Publications.

  • This internet Bible radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day.  It plays Bible Believing preaching, teaching, and good conservative Christian Music.  It also includes such programs as Unshackled, along with dramatized stories of missionaries and other great Christians.  You can see the station schedule under their FAQ heading.  They also have several foreign stations that can found under the Foreign Stations tab on their website.

  • This unique YouTube channel emphasizes the inspiration & perfection of the King James Bible.  Brandon Peterson offers extensive evidence of God's hand in the numerical details of the King James Bible.  Check it out for yourself.  He includes other videos as well, including some shorts with some good preaching clips.  Brandon has also written a book which includes a great deal of his material.  It is available for free download (or donation), or a reasonably priced hard copy can be purchased on Amazon.  Click this sentence for more information about Brandon Peterson's book, Sealed by the King.

  • Dr. Gene Kim provides a wealth of Bible Material on doctrinal and practical matters.  He has been a help to many Christians in their search for the truth in the word of God.  You might also like to check out his YouTube Channel in the next recommended link.

  • Dr. Gene Kim presents many Bible teaching & preaching videos done by both himself and others on a wide range of topics.  This is another wealth of good Bible believing information and exhortation to help you to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  As with all preaching, follow the example of the Bereans in Acts 17:11, which says, "they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

  • Real Bible provides this great tool for finding a King James Bible believing church near you.  With this resource Dr. Gene Kim has helped many Christians find and get plugged into local Bible believing churches all over the United States.  The listing also includes churches in many countries around the world.  You can use the map and zoom in on your area, or you can scroll down and browse by state.  You can also use "control f" to search the page for your city.  

  • Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary was the first American dictionary of the English language.  At this website you can search Webster's 1828 dictionary online.  A good English dictionary is one of the most helpful tools for studying the King James Bible.  You can also search the App Store & Google Play to get a Webster's 1828 mobile app for your phone or tablet.