First Bible Baptist Church Live Stream

You can watch our services streaming live here with our embedded YouTube feed.  You can also watch directly on YouTube by clicking the button below the video, which will take you to our FBBC YouTube Channel.  Scroll down to "Helpful Tips" for more info on how this page works.

FBBC Youtube channel

Live Stream Service Times

Sundays 10 AM, 11 AM, 6:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Wednesdays 7 PM (Prayer Meeting 7:00 - Bible Study approx. 7:45)

Helpful Tips

 1.   You may be able to play the video full screen by double-clicking on the video, or by clicking         on the small full-screen box in the lower right-hand corner of the video.  If the full-screen   

       box is not showing you can make it appear by hovering over the video with your cursor, or  

       on touch screen devices, by tapping the video.  When in full-screen mode, you can also  

       return the video to its original size by double-clicking it, or clicking on the box in the lower  

       right-hand corner of the video, or by pressing your keyboard's Escape key (Esc).  Please be  

        aware that if you are waiting for a stream to go live, you  only be able to go full screen after  

       it has gone live.  If full screen mode does not work for you, you can click on "FBBC YOU- 

       TUBE CHANNEL" above to go to our YouTube channel and watch it full screen there.


2.   When our services are live, if the date & the service time on the video that's playing are

      not the same as the service that should be live streaming at that time, here are two things

      you can do.  You can refresh the page with your browser.  This should bring up the current

      live stream.  Or, you can hover over the video with your cursor to bring up the title and

      menu screen, if it is not already showing.  (Tapping the video on a touch screen device                should bring up the title and menu screen).  Then click or tap the 3 lines near the top right          corner of the video window to bring up a list of videos.  From there, you can select the

      current service live streaming service.

3.   The above scenario may especially happen if you are trying to live stream our Sun. 11 AM

      Service right after Sunday School.  Remember, if refreshing the page does not bring up

      the current live stream, try the 3 lines at the top right, as described above in Tip # 2.

4.   You can always go directly to our FBBC YouTube Channel to see our current live stream, (as

      well as our other videos).  Just click on the "FBBC YOUTUBE CHANNEL" button above.  It

      is located right under the video window.

5.   When it is not time for one of our live services, you should either see our most recently     

      streamed service, or a countdown for our next upcoming service to be live streamed.  If our

      most recently streamed service is still there, it may or may not begin to play automatically  

      as soon as you get to the page.  If it does, you may pause it by clicking on the video.  When

      paused, clicking on the video again should cause it to start playing from the point you pre

      viously paused it.  When you pause the video it may bring up a menu of suggested videos

      from YouTube.  These suggestions are NOT selected by us, but are presented to you by

      YouTube based on your browsing history on YouTube. 


6.   Virtually all of our past streamed videos are available by going to our FBBC YouTube

      Channel.  Again, to go there just click on the "FBBC YOUTUBE CHANNEL" button above,              which is located right under the video window.