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Welcome to our Blog Page.  As the Lord leads, Pastor Strobel will be posting new blogs from time to time.  The most recent blog will always be the first one you see below.  As each new blog is posted, the older ones will move beneath the new one.  Also, be on the lookout for Guest Blogs!  You can click the menu for a list of all of our blogs with an easy link to each one.


1. Our New Website        2-12-24

Welcome to Blog #1.  In our blogs we will cover a variety of things as the Lord directs.  This will include various topics from the Bible, or what the Bible has to say about various topics we encounter in the world.  Some blogs may be about one Bible verse, or a particular passage or chapter of Scrip-ture.  Other blogs may be about some current thoughts & meditations the Lord is giving to me, or to one of our guest bloggers.  Some may also include personal salvation testimonies.  Basically, the blogs will cover whatever the Lord lays on our hearts to write about.  There will be no set time for adding a new blog, so keep checking back and look for the newest blog right below the title and wel-come portion at the top of this page.  And now, with our first blog, I'd like to welcome you and introduce you to our new church website.

Our new Website Project began in early 2020. One of the men in our church suggested it & researched good options for companies that host church web-sites.  We met in his office and had a phone meet-ing with a representative from Clover Sites.  The representative answered our questions and afterward we were able to start a demo site.  Well, I'm sure you remember how crazy things got in 2020.  Covid decreased some people's workload, and increased the workload of others.  I was one whose workload increased. 

Along with keeping on top of my regular duties and everything covid, of necessity, we, like many churches, began live streaming our services.  This required setting up a new YouTube channel and learning how to properly live stream, and then edit the videos, for neatly keeping them on our YouTube channel afterwards.  As I tried to keep up with it all, the Church Website Project was put on the back burner.  

Over time I would work on the website here & there, but there was always something to get me off track again.  I have often felt that we were right on the cusp of being able to launch, and truthfully, we probably could have launched before this.  Even so, as I have worked & worked on our new website over the last several months, I prayerfully took the time and put forth the effort to try and present a good product for you.  I have also run into several snags that delayed things even more, but the Lord has helped me to patiently navigate each one of them until a solution was found.

Hopefully, navigating our website will be intuitive and easy for you to figure out.  You should note that most of our menu headings also have sub-menus with more content.  I have some brief tips on navigating our site which you might find helpful.  These tips can be read in a moment or two, and if you would like to read them, you can find them by clicking anywhere on the photo of our home page, above and to the right of this blog.  (Or if you are on a mobile device, the photo should be directly above the blog).

Have fun exploring our new site.  There is plenty of content available right now, and Lord willing, we will continue to add new material, including more sermons on our Message page.  For now, there are 12 messages there to get you started.  Instead of telling you everything you can find on our site, I will leave you to explore and discover things on your own.  Please get the word out to others that might benefit from our website.  It's easy to find at Thank you for visiting our website, and for reading our first blog.  

Mark 4:3 Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow: